The Leeds Climate Commission has 24 representatives drawn from organisations across the public, private and third sectors. Occasionally, we will advertise new roles on the Commission.

Whilst membership of the Leeds Climate Commission is limited by numbers (the Commission is currently full), we do want to engage with and hear the views of people, groups and organisations across the city. For that reason, we have set up the Leeds Climate Forum. The Forum will have open meetings on a regular basis to give updates, consult on particular issues, plan themed engagement campaigns or present new reports or initiatives, as well as hosting talks and events.

The first meeting of Leeds Climate Forum was held on  Tuesday 10 October at the University of Leeds, at which Prof Andy Gouldson and colleagues presented the research findings of the revised and updated Mini Stern Review for Leeds 2017.

See the Leeds Climate Forum page for more information and a report on the event.

Our regular e-newsletter will also include updates on the work of the Leeds Climate Commission, news and events and other items.

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