Caught in the Middle: Climate Change, Education and Youthstrike 4 Climate

Monday, July 8, 2019 - 09:00 to 12:00
E C Stoner (SR 9.90), University of Leeds


The recent Youthstrike4Climate walk-outs are set to present a recurring dilemma for schools' senior staff.  Young people intend to continue to strike over climate change, potentially costing 15 days of lessons over two years. Climate activist Greta Thunberg has promised the recent strikes are “not even the beginning”, and has called for adults, including school employees, to join students on Friday 20 September in a global general strike.

Do school leadership teams understand enough about the issue to make well-informed, appropriate and effective decisions? Are schools prepared for further surprises and dilemmas in the coming months and years?  And what responsibilities, concerns and opportunities do these actions present?

This event, hosted by Leeds Climate Commission, is aimed especially at school leaders and senior staff  "caught in the middle" between the genuine fears of young people and legal/political responses. It will include advice on how can senior staff manage a dynamic situation and how schools can engage seriously with the issue of climate change.

  •  Hear from the experts: keynote address by Prof Andy Gouldson, Professor of Environmental Policy at the University of Leeds, and Chair of Leeds Climate Commission 
  • Find out more about the city-wide conversation Leeds City Council and Leeds Climate Commission are holding about climate change and the city’s response to it
  • View from the ground: Matt Carmichael, teacher, former Chair of Stop Climate Chaos Leeds, Member of Leeds Climate Commission's Engagement and Communications Working Group 
  • Discover high quality educational resources and professional development opportunities.
  • Learn how you can get help to reduce your school’s carbon footprint
  • Workshop responses to possible scenarios

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